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Where is my preorder?

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1. It's extremely common for preorder figures and toys to have their release dates pushed back, due to manufacturing delays. If a preorder item is set to come in in October, it's common for it to come in at the end of October. So please view these published dates as "guidelines" that are not set in stone.

2. If you have several preorders in your order, we will ship them together when all items have been released. We assume you purchased the preorders together to save on shipping costs because normally, it is cheaper to ship several items together than to ship them separately. Using a very basic and simple example, it costs $30 to ship one figure so it'll cost $60 if you ship two figures separately. It'll only cost $50 if you ship them together. If you want to receive several preorders as they come out, then please order them separately.

3. Shipping has several restrictions so your preorder might not have been shipped yet even though it has already been released. Please check your inbox and spam/junk folder for email notifications from J-List. Below are the list of shipping restrictions.
  • DHL can't ship to PO Boxes and APO/FPO/military addresses
  • EMS can't ship to APO/FPO/military addresses
  • J-List can't ship adult items via DHL to Australia
  • SAL and Airmail has a size and weight limit
Due to COVID-19 and the conflict in Ukraine, some shipping methods have become unavailable right now so please also check your preorder's shipping and see if it is available today (see links below). If it's not available, please contact support.

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