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How do preorders work?

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Preorder items are in production and can only be purchased reliably by preordering the item before it ships.

The manufacturer's estimated shipping date for a product is visible on the product page.
Please be aware that it is quite common for a preorder's release date to push back.

A few things to remember when purchasing preorders:

  • You will be charged a $20 deposit fee for preordering a product.
  • When your preorder item comes out, the deposit fee will be deducted to the full amount of the preorder so you only pay the remaining amount plus shipping. So if you preordered a $150 product, you will only pay $130 + shipping when your preorder item is released.
  • Once the preorder item becomes available, you will receive a notification email. Please add the preorder item to your cart and proceed to checkout.
  • If you have several preorders coming out on the same month, you have up to one month(starting from the first preorder to come out) to wait for all preorders to come out so you can combine them into one package to save on shipping costs.
  • If you have changed your address while the preorder item is not yet out, you can change your store account's default shipping address to your new address. Once the preorder becomes available, select your updated default shipping address on checkout.

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