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How can I change the shipping address on my order?

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Note: Changing the shipping address in your J-List account does not change your order's shipping address, you must request an address change. To get in contact with us, please submit a ticket.

We are usually able to change the shipping address of an order before it ships out but we might not be able to change it for various reasons, even if your order's status is still "processing" on the website.

We can change the shipping address of your preorder, just make sure to give ample time like one or two days before the release date.

We cannot change the address if the country is different because of system limitations. We will have to cancel that order and you will have to reorder.

For orders shipping via DHL, you can change the delivery address even after your order has shipped out. Check the link below and make sure you know your DHL tracking number.

Note: PayPal customers might notice the shipping address in their PayPal payment prompt on the PayPal website is different from the one that was submitted upon placing their order. The shipping address we use is the one provided on your order, not the one displayed on PayPal.

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