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How much is shipping for my order?

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Shipping cost depends on the following:
1. Your area/region.
2. Type of shipping (low priority, basic, express, with tracking, no tracking, etc.).
3. Your order's weight or physical size.
4. Which warehouse your order ships to.
5. The contents of your order (preorder items, calendars, snack boxes, etc.).

You can see the exact shipping cost of your order by following these steps:
1. Add the items you want to order in to your shopping cart.
2. Go to the checkout page.
3. Enter your address, select "Ship to this address," and continue.
4. The cost is listed in "3 Shipping Method."

After you check the shipping cost, you can go back to the frontpage and remove the items in your cart, close the tab/window, or proceed with checkout.

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