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What happened to cheaper shipping options?

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What happened to SAL shipping?
On March 27, 2020, Japan Post suspended SAL shipping because of the coronavirus pandemic reducing the number of commercial flights going to and from Japan and also decreasing every post office's operation time and personnel which makes it not feasible to handle the huge volume of SAL packages being sent on a daily basis. Japan Post's operations have since returned to normal in 2021 but the number of flights are still very low so SAL is still not available.

Will SAL be back anytime soon?
Probably not. SAL is low priority shipping so postal services will prioritize putting back EMS shipping first. It will probably be back when the number of international flights go back to normal or if postal services find a way to handle the huge amount of SAL packages being sent during the pandemic.

EMS shipping is currently not available for my country, when will it be back?
It depends on your country's postal service and/or the number of commercial flights going to and from Japan. It will become available again if your country's postal service decides to resume acceptance of EMS packages from Japan and/or there are enough flights to your country from Japan that can carry those EMS packages.

Will you consider offering Seamail/Surface shipping?

Where can I find the latest shipping news?

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