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When you login to your J-List/JBOX account, you can view the status of your order. There are different types of statuses, below is an explanation for each status:

I. Processing

Your order has been paid for and received by us, it is being prepared for shipment. Shipment preparation usually takes 1-2 days but it might be longer if you happen to place an order on a Friday or during weekends.

If your order's status is "processing" for a long time, please check first if your order contains a preorder or backordered item, they might be the cause why your order is still processing. If you have confirmed all items are in stock but your order's status is still "processing," please contact support.

II. Complete

Your order has left our warehouse and it's in the hands of Japan Post or your local post office. It doesn't necessarily mean that your order has been delivered. If your order has tracking, you can track it by logging in to your account and viewing your order.

III. Closed

Your order was canceled or closed because you asked us to cancel it or the items in your order are sold out and we have no choice but to cancel it. We issue refunds after cancelling an order but if you don't receive a refund after 5 business days or more since your order got closed, please contact support.

IV. Payment Review

Your payment has not yet cleared and your order will be processed later when it clears, this applies only to PayPal payments using eChecks. Note for eChecks, we do not recommend this payment method as it will severely delay order processing and shipment.

V. Suspected Fraud

This is a bug involving PayPal payments. Our website thinks your payment is fraudulent because it's off by $0.01 due to PayPal's tax computation or currency conversion. Order's with "suspected fraud" status are on hold and we are unable to process them, please contact support as soon as possible.

VI. Blacklisted

Your order is marked as blacklisted because of suspicious activity during checkout or your order billing/shipping info matches or it is very similar to a blacklisted account.

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